My yoga journey started in 1977. The injuries I endured in high school led to me my first class at the 92nd YMCA in NYC. Since my hometown was Southern California, upon my return I started taking class at the Center of Yoga in LA. 

Two years prior, BKS Iyengar came to the US, following his visit senior teachers were coming in from India whom included, and I studied with; Ramamand Patel, Martyn Jackson, and Mary Dunn.

I began teaching at the Center for Yoga in December 1979. 

January and February 1982, I made my first trip to Pune for an intensive with Mr. Iyengar. 

Coming back to the United States, I continued to study regularly with Mary Dunn as well as Kofia Busia and Manouso Manos.

In 1984, I was a part of the group the found and helped transition to the new site of the Iyengar Yoga Institute of Los Angeles.

I graduated from UCLA in 1988 with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology. During the 1980/s and 1990’s I edited the local IYASC newsletter and in the early 2000’s continued volunteering with Yoga Vidya helping to reformat it into the journal you see today.

The documentary “Yoga Darsana” by Diane Vicar which premiered at 2004 convention in Minneapolis I was the advisor.

From 1985 - 2012, I taught in the San Fernando Valley. I’ve attended numerous US Iyengar National Conventions as a student, assistant, and teacher. I continue to mentor and apprentice through the Senior Intermediate 1 Level as well as serve as an assessor for IYNAUS.

My teaching, volunteering and traveling to Pune has continued and I eagerly await sharing my knowledge with you.